Be A Brother

Muslim Men versus Muslim Brothers

There’s a difference

Do you know what it is?

One perpetuates and instigates hate and violence against women.

The other protects his sisters from that heinous abuse.

Be my brother.

One is a fearmonger, warning others to stay away from your work.

The other envisions history books with your name in it.

Be my brother.

One mocks you behind your back, plotting for your demise.

The other publicly elevates your impact and encourages others to support.

Be my brother.

One is a fitna.

The other is a blessing.

Be my brother.

One uses Islamic texts to provide evidence of the wrong you are doing.

The other uses Islamic texts to prove the importance and requirement of your work.

Be my brother.

One uses extremism and propaganda.

The others practices empathy and compassion.

Be my brother.

One dominates through his male privilege to continue the oppression and silence our voices.

The others uses his privilege for good by stepping aside, passing the mic and uplifting our voices.  

Be my brother.

One throws shade.

The other watches you in awe in the spotlight.

Be my brother.

One is demoralizing, killing your confidence, and trashing your self-worth and image.

The other makes Dua’a to Allah swt for your success, your protection, and His mercy.

Be my brother.

With these trials we face, we realize who are our brothers.

“Return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing to Him.

And enter among My righteous servants.

And enter My Paradise.”

Reviving Sisterhood